Styria Bakery II

 A Taste Of The Alps

                                                                                                                                   About Us

Styria Bakery Farmers Market

Styria Bakery II is family owned and operated European Gourmet and Artisan bread company operating since 1996.  Our growth can be directly attributed to the awareness by our consumers that food freshness, healthier diets and exercise are important to a healthier future. Our hand made gourmet breads are made with a natural starter, reducing the need of commercial yeast and any number of preservatives added by other bakeries. We provide freshly baked Artisan bread throughout Colorado, Wyoming and other States local events.

Styria Bakery II has been producing a wide variety of Artisan Breads and Gourmet Bakery goods for many years. We have defined our craft of fermentation and hand shaping much in the same way as they have defined the art of wine making. The art of bread baking proves that a superior loaf of bread can be made without any of the so-called natural improvers, such as malt extract, sugar, honey, milk, shortening, butter or eggs! All that is really needed are four basic ingredients, flour, water, yeast (natural starter) and salt. Grains from different local regions can even possess their own distinctive flavors, as is also true with wines. Styria Bakery II offers 4 basic types of breads. First our “Levain Breads” which are a light sourdough style made with our own natural starter. Second our “Potato Breads” made with real mashed potatoes. Third our “Roll Dough” used for making breakfast rolls and pretzels and fourth our “Stollen” which is our Sweet Holiday Bread.

Our Bakery has an exuberant fan base. The majority of the population from ages 4 years to 80 years old eats some form of bread. Our customer base can be divided into several types. First our Farmers Market customers who are looking for freshness, flavor and locally produced products. Second, our craft show customers who are looking for crusty hand made artisan breads and third our Wholesale customers who are looking to provide their customers with a healthier choice.

Our Management Team:

Styria Bakery II has a strong core of tested and proven team players with specific and individual responsibilities. Shannon Campbell the head of our Marketing Division is responsible for company sales, training sales personnel and finding new markets. Known fondly in many states as “The Bread Lady”, Shannon has built a loyal customer following as well as friends! Klaus Campbell is our Head Baker responsible for producing quality products, training and hiring bakery staff. Both have 10+ years experience with operating a bakery from ground up. This family owned and operated business is what the American spirit is all about!