Styria Bakery II

 A Taste Of The Alps

Light Sourdough Breads
All of the Light Sourdough Breads are made naturally and healthy without any sugar or oil giving them a lower glycemic index!.  Our natural sourdough starter gives them great flavor and texture.

Eat Styria Bakery BreadWe work hard to bake nutritious, delicious breads and love to hear from our customers.  Breaking with a little tradition, one of our longest standing customers asked if they could assist in writing the descriptions of our bread.  Lisa Kugel has been  a raving fan of ours for over 10 years and she said she just couldn’t wait to rave some more!  She said she felt she had an inside track on the “delicious scrumptiousness” of our bread (her words exactly) and felt she could shed a little consumer light on what she thinks of each bread.  Lisa says “It’s not just bread for gosh sake, it’s ART!”  Thank you Lisa for your long standing love and support of Styria Bakery Bread!

Styria Bakery Best Sourdough Bread

White Tuscan
 A white light sourdough with nothing else added. One of the best “go with anything” Sourdough breads you’ll ever have! Lather in butter for best results!

Styria Bakery Kalamatta Olive Bread

Kalamatta Olive
A Little Mediterranean escape with white sourdough and flavorful Kalamata Olives baked in. Try it with Styria’s Bread Dip and Red Wine! Yum!

Styria Bakery Colorado Bread

Roasted Garlic
A Warm this baby up with your favorite Italian meal and you’ll never want French bread again!  A white light sourdough with whole cloves of roasted garlic baked in. 

Styria Bakery Asiago Cheese Bread

 “ I just can’t stop.  No, I mean I really can’t stop eating Styria Bakery Bread.  When I found out it would no longer be available in my area I thought I was going to have a cow!  When I expressed my distress to Shannon and Klaus they said to hold on, forgo the cow, they’d ship it to me! ‘Phew’ I’s not like I’m addicted to this bread. O.K., maybe a little! !” Lucky for all of us it is so Healthy!
                                     Lisa Kugel, Boise - Idaho

Bread Dip
A bottled blend of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil, rosemary, walnuts, and parmesan cheese. Great for bread dipping, and also makes a wonderful salad dressing and meat marinade. 

Asiago Cheese
A white light sourdough with chunks of Asiago cheese baked right in so when you toast it you receive a Huge boost of cheesy flavor!

 Hearty, Healthy and simply good for you!

        ~All our dark breads are made with our natural sourdough starter giving them a lower glycemic index!

Styria Bakery Multi Grain Bread Styria Bakery Jewish Rye Bread Styria Bakery German Rye Bread

German Rye
A seedless Rye made with a , blend of   Stone ground wheat, dark rye and white flours.

Jewish Rye
Same great taste as the German Rye with caraway seeds inside and out. “It is simply the best Rye bread I’ve ever eaten.” Lisa Kugel

Multi Grain
Great taste, great texture, nine grains.  If you love multi-grain bread then you are in for a real treat!

Potato Breads
 These breads are made with mashed potatoes to give them a soft, moist texture.  Lisa says “Potato and Bread actually mixed and baked together!  Can you imagine the Glory of it all! And they aren’t kidding when they say “soft moist texture” it is a comfort food dream!

Styria Bakery Ciabatta Bread

Traditional Italian flat bread with Whole cloves of roasted garlic and fresh rosemary.  The top is dusted with semolina flour. Ohhhh, the sandwiches!

Dill Red Onion
Lisa’s favorite! It goes with everything especially butter!
Fresh Dill and fresh minced red onion give this bread a wonderful flavor.  Makes the best Tuna sandwich ever!

Styria Bakery II Focaccia Bread

It is just like the Ciabatta on the inside but it is topped with Mozzarella cheese, red onion and a blend of Italian herbs! It is delicious!

Styria Bakery Lemon White Chocolate Bread

Asiago Basil
Chunks of Asiago cheese and fresh basil baked in.  It may look the same but it’s whole different taste bud extravaganza!

 Put a little Zing in your step with Sliced Jalapeno and Monterey Jack Cheese.!

“When ever Dessert and Bread can be combined, I’m in!” Lisa Kugel


Lemon Sage
A soft moist lemon bread with fresh sage and minced orange peel. Great with Tea or your Morning Coffee.


Lemon Mint
White Chocolate

A soft moist lemon bread with White chocolate chips and fresh mint.  Great for toast or French toast.

Styria Bakery Walnut Cranberry Bread

Walnut Cranberry
Our most popular bread loaded with walnuts and cranberries. Win Friends and Influence people with Turkey Sandwich with Walnut Cranberry!

Stollen- A Gourmet European dessert bread for the holidays or anytime.  Stuffed with dried fruits and walnuts.  After we bake it, we dip it in melted butter and roll it in powdered sugar.  When customers ask if it’s like fruitcake, we say…”Yes, only it tastes good”.